Remote Monitoring and Control

Wireless Measurement sensors measuring wellhead pressure and temperature and tank level can be deployed in the harshest of environments.  With upto five years battery life, and ATEX Zone 0 rating both in operation and during battery changes, they are ideal for remote oilfield applications.  The design of the sensors in a uniquely small and discreet unit makes it robust, less vulnerable to accidental damage and crucially, unattractive to theft and vandalism. They are also capable of on board logging for up to four weeks protecting data during any downtime.

Real time data is transmitted to the client's office from where sensors and alarms can be managed. Sampling and reporting intervals for the sensors can be changed remotely as well as alarm settings.  Real time data can eliminate up to 40% of site visits and real time alerts can increase effective production capacity by 1-3% reducing deferred production.