Well Site Monitoring - New and Retrofit

The Wireless Measurement sensors were specifically designed for wellhead applications. The ATEX zone 0 rating and long battery life make them ideal for retrofitting when there is no instrumentation and power infrastructure in place.

The MultiMesh controller provides a gateway for wired data from down hole gauges, variable speed drives for down hole pumping and other wired instrumentation.

Management of Remote Operations Communications

The MultiMesh controller provides long range data communication. It has on board capability for GSM and GPRS. It can interface with serial radio systems, Ethernet radio, WiMax, and can control Iridium satellite short burst data systems. Its on board data management systems mean that it can log, optimise and prioritise data for low bandwidth systems.

Local Process Control

The MultiMesh controller is based on a Linux operating system and is easily programmed to provide real time process control. The system can be used to manage wellhead or flowline valves.

Remote Process Control

The MultiMesh control unit acts as a bi-directional communications hub. It can channel control commands from any enabled desktop via the Wireless Measurement server to digital and analogue I/O. It also provides a communications channel to other well site equipment controllers such as variable speed drives.

A password protected user interface is configured on a project by project basis to provide process control options in a graphical format.

Effective Management of Oilfield Operations

Configurable data thresholds can raise SMS and e-mail alerts. Operators can be informed and directed to remote sites only when action is required, significantly reducing the cost and safety risks in hostile environments.

Site Security

The MultiMesh controller provides significant security value; giving warning and alerts for intrusion into site enclosures, video monitoring on a streaming or movement detection basis, and a GPS ring fence alert system for equipment theft.

Pipeline Monitoring

The low power and autonomous nature of both the Wireless Measurement sensors and controllers makes them ideal for pipeline monitoring. The MultiMesh gateways create their own mesh network providing a data highway from gateway to gateway along the pipeline, rather than having to provide long range communication from each sensor point direct back to a central station.

Temporary/Testing Installations

The Wireless Measurement system can be provided in kit form with the serer software running on a laptop using a USB gateway. For temporary installations, such as well testing, the operator has an easy to install system. This is used for real time monitoring and alarms during the tests, and subsequent data analysis.