About Us

Wireless Measurement Limited was founded in 2004 to exploit emerging radio technologies designed for wireless sensor networks: IEEE 802.15.4, Zigbee ™, WiMAX and others. We have developed a common spine of technology for wireless sensing systems in a range of demanding environments and industries.

Oil and Gas

With over 40 year’s combined experience in oil field instrumentation, we have developed a range of innovative wireless sensors which improve the productivity and reliability of oil and gas production wells. This technology provides low cost and easily implemented systems to gather key data, deliver it to oil field managers and operators, and generate enormous value through enhanced oil production, improved safety and reduced maintenance costs.

Design Consultancy

We also provide expert advice on a consultancy basis and are happy to discuss technologies to suit particular applications and how to set about designing a wireless system. We have developed a process with a proven track record that enables us to understand a customer's requirements, and to assist them is maximising the benefits that can result from applying wireless technology.


Using the same wireless technology , BluBug Limited was established in 2008 to meet the temperature compliance needs of the medical and pharmaceutical markets. The BluBug system provides continuous monitoring with flexible alarms, temperature mapping with automated report generation and in transit monitoring with no need to open packages before verification. All products come with an integrated web service, calibration service and a hardware warranty.